Learning Animal Sounds Helps You Get to Know Your Wildlife Subjects

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Knowing animal sounds is one facet of becoming familiar with creatures. An outdoor/wildlife photographer needs to be versed not only in the use of a camera and have an artful eye for composition, but he must be equipped in other ways to improve his photos. Knowing his subject not only applies to the inanimate, but particularly applies to wildlife.

Having identified the creature you know how to proceed for a photo and possibly approach cautiously. It’s nice to know if a grizzly is in the neighborhood and to avoid becoming a rattlesnake bite victim for instance. I think that most of us know these two sounds, but even if we didn’t for instance the growl from a grizzly would likely increase our heartbeat from the sheer and ominous vocalization.

The following animal sounds are of wildlife known to North America. Most are mammals, but a few birds are included too. In some cases I have more than one example for the same animal. Note as well that many animals give off more than one type of sound, so the sounds you hear are not their complete repertoire. For instance, a distressed animal may sound different from one that is performing a mating call.

authored by Lon Britton

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The sounds here are provided for both your education and entertainment. Click on the underlined name for each sound.